Making Schools & Nurseries Safe

Help prevent and reduce the spread of infections and viruses in the schools and nurseries with Airtemp Anti-virus Hydroxyl Technology.

Hydroxyl Radical Technology

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Making Schools & Nurseries Safe

Following the several lockdowns including the current in winter 2021, the repeated message from Government was that ‘schools are safe’.

The evidence does indeed show that transmission in schools and nurseries can easily happen. These environments are not safe by magic!
It’s down to the stringent implementation of infection and control measures that school principals and their staff must be committed to implement to keeping their pupils and themselves as safe as possible.

​It is not in the power of any school or nursery setting to guarantee the safety of all members of their community; though they do have a responsibility to operate in accordance with Public Health guidelines.

​With growing concern around the new strains of coronavirus like the delta variant, navigating the business of supporting anxious staff, parents and children through an eventual staggered return at a time of unprecedented levels of infection in the community will be challenging.

iDomus with Airtemp are working in providing specialised indoor sterilising and purifier solutions from ready made plug and play and easy to use 24/7 along with extra products and solutions, ventilation and deep chemical free cleaning.

This is where the team at Airtemp Anti-virus can help…



24/7 Disinfection Sanitising Schools & Making Your Spaces Safe

During classes, staff time, and non-staffed hours, Airtemp Anti-virus can operate to disinfect the indoor airborne and surfaces environments destroying 99.9% of Covid-19 Corona virus, along with a myriad of other viruses, germs, bacteria, mould, odours & other pathogens.

Airtemp Anti-virus disinfection uses Hydroxyl Radicals that are harmless for human being and lethal for all pathogens and viruses, with our technology you can reduce the risk of contagion and infection and prevent to loose teaching time or preparation. Ensuring to the Pupil's the best education and care possible.

Disinfected classrooms, staff rooms, recreational rooms and so on will ensure a better health of all children, teachers and personnel throughout the entire year helping better schools performance by reducing absenteeism.

Airtemp are small units that run on DC 12V consuming only 1Amp, very very little, preventing huge increases in electricity running costs, our unit are also equipped with a patented filter that collect ultrafine dust and PM2.5 particulate.

This method of cleansing is ideal for a school or nursery environment as it is quick, efficient, requires no moisture and leaves no residue.

​Airtemp Anti-virus the perfect solution for regular sanitisation of classrooms, offices, common rooms and sports facilities to ensure infection rates are minimised through thorough disinfection of all surfaces.

Along with the countermeasure that government have implemented such as mantaining a required distance, wearing face covering and wash hands regularly as part of their ongoing daily routine, schools and nurseries  must consider the next step in the disinfection and sanitisation of the premises along with some building adjustments such as fresh intake ventilation and monitoring the air quality.

We are also offering engineering and design to add layers of protection that minimise the spread of all king of germs, viruses, bacteria, pathogens, odours, Volitile chemical Compounds, ultrafine dust and particulate PM2.5.

We want to make the purest, sanitased, sterilised indoor air, updating each room to be ready for this current pandemic or future outbrakes.

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The Lethal Hydroxyl Radicals in Action Against Covid-19

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