Hydroxyl Radicals (OH·) disinfecting indoor air and surfaces

“Detergent of the atmosphere” Paul Crutzen Nobel Prize winner

Hydroxyl Radical are the natural cleaner of the world, eliminating viruses, bacterial, pathogen, super resistant bacteria, mould and so on.

The oxidation rate is:

  • 2000 times faster than ozone
  • 180 times faster than UV rays from the sun
  • Sterilise various spoilage bacteria, food poisoning bacteria, resistant bacteria and viruses in the air in microseconds
  • Sterilise pathogenic Escherichia coli, fungus, bacteria, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Avian influenza and Coronaviruses (SARS, MERS,..)

Our bipolar device installed in our Airtemp Air Sterilisers produce more than 35 million Anions (+ and -) per Cube Centimeters measures at a distance of 4m from the source at 22 degree Celsius which induce a production of billions of OH Radicals which attack the pathogens in microsecond and the destroy them.


Do not leave anything to the hand of the case or the nature act and protect the specie and your family, friend and community.


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