Airtemp Anti-virus Indoor Sterilisers

Hydroxyl sterilisation and sanitation, not HEPA Filtering. Innovation to reduce the risk of contagion and infection

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HVAC&RNEWS Australia article about our Airtemp Anti-virus products

Here some extra photos that are grafically explaining how hydroxyl radicals are eliminating viruses, bacteria etc.

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Hydroxyl Radical terilisation

Airtemp Anti-virus destroys the viruses straight in the Air avoiding the viruses to be inhaled by humans

Hydroxyl Radicals Sterilisation


In conjunction with Airtemp, Power Clean Air Products has launched a new range of Airtemp Air Sterilisers.

Available in three sizes – for commercial, home and personal use – these devices are designed to inactivate airborne viruses, remove odours and ultra-fine particles.

According to Power Clean Air, these devices use Ultra Plasma ion Fields and e-Nano Electrostatic Filters to decompose and remove viruses and bacteria including coronavirus, staphylococcus, influenza and candida, with an efficacy of 99.9 per cent*.

“The technology of sterilising air by producing OH Radicals mimics exactly what happens naturally in the atmosphere – biomimicry at its best,” says the company. “We bring nature’s own air steriliser inside the built environment.

“HVAC systems currently rely on HEPA filters or air dilution to combat airborne viruses this is complex, expensive and not always practical.

“These air sterilisers combine the latest technology in virus removal along with electrostatic filters which remove fine particles down to 0.3μm and offer an additional line of defence to safeguard health and wellbeing,” says Power Clean Air.

The company recommends the device for rooms up to 84m3 that require air sterilisation. The units are aimed at single room applications up to 81m3 where viruses can be easily managed. Larger capacities are available on request.

Power Clean Air offers a range of air and surface treatment products including the Aircare Air Purifier as well as cleaners and sanitisers for air conditioning filters and coils.

*The Airtemp UPI Device was evaluated for its ability to inactivate Human Coronavirus – similar to MERS-Coronavirus and SARS-Coronavirus. MicroBio Test personnel performed the inactivation procedure using Human Coronavirus Strain: 229E. Samples were titrated by 50 per cent tissue culture infection dose (TCID50) endpoint assay using MRC-5 cells. Test results are available.