• Cold Plasma in Medicine and Healthcare: The New Frontier in Low Temperature Plasma Applications

    Airtemp Bipolar Ultra plasma Ion anti-virus indoor enviromernts purifiers made this technology available for everyone. Please read the excerpt or i...
  • Airtemp Anti-virus Indoor Sterilisers

    Hydroxyl sterilisation and sanitation, not HEPA Filtering. Innovation to reduce the risk of contagion and infection Contact us 0448 77 77 11 or our...
  • The battle against the coronavirus COVID-19 could be an air fight

    Airtemp Anti-virus has adopted the last technology Bipolar Ultra Plasma Ion Hydroxyl Radical (B-UPIHR) as its Core Device. We have portable Stand a...
  • If you are fully vaccinated can you still get #COVID19? Stay Informed and Stay safe

    If you are fully vaccinated can you still get #COVID19? How frequent are breakthrough infections and what does COVID-19 look like if you are fully vaccinated? WHO’s Dr Kate O’Brien explains in #ScienceIn5.

    No matter whether you are vaccinated or are still waiting, keep following these precautions to protect yourself and others:
    ❌ Avoid crowds
    ↔️ Keep physical distance
    😷 Wear a mask
    👐 Clean your hands


  • Hydroxyl Radical Indoor Anti-Virus Solutions

    With the NHS now trialling hydroxyl radical decontamination technology to kill all surface and airborne pathogens, it is clear that the future ...
  • A guideline to limit indoor airborne transmission of COVID-19

    Airborne transmission arises through the inhalation of aerosol droplets exhaled by an infected person and is now thought to be the primary transmis...
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    17/08/2021 What's new? Victoria recorded 25 locally acquired cases of COVID-19 yesterday. 24 were locally acquired cases – one was ...
  • Reducing the Spread of Illness in a Child Care Setting

    Protect Ourselves, our children, our assets. iDomus and Airtemp along with other supplier mission. We promote innovative solution and innovative and creative products.